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About The Brand

Hoola Kids is here to change the face of shopping for Childrens’ clothes in two ways;  Quality items at great prices & the online shopping experience you expect.
We want to remove any remaining stigma from dressing your kids in second hand clothes and make sure you are 'Preloved and Proud'.
We work hard to rescue fabulous condition outgrown Childrens’ clothing from the backs of wardrobes to give you plenty of options;
  • Bargain bundles for nursery
  • An outfit for a party
  • Your little one is growing fast and they need a few bits in the next size up
By focusing on the reuse of outgrown Childrens' clothing, Hoola Kids is able to save you money compared to buying new and encourages a more sustainable approach to shopping.
My name is Ali, and I'm the owner here at Hoola (I say owner, I mean buyer, delivery driver, photographer, social media manager, accounts dept, you know general small business owner!)
I've got a real passion for second hand clothes, it all started when I was on maternity leave in 2019 and was looking for a way to use my business brain and for something that gave me an outlet that wasn't 'just being a mum'. I started selling my own kids clothes in online market places and realised I could scale and provide this to others busy parents as a service. It's grown arms and legs since then, however I keep a few aims very clear in my mind about what Hoola brings you, here they are:
  • Great quality and choice - taking the jumble sale gamble out of buying second hand / preloved.
  • Easy to navigate website, so you can find what you want fast!
  • Encourage and inspire others to try second hand for the first time

Thanks for browsing and shopping, it means so much to me and the planet to have you here!

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