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Comparing Second Hand to New Children's Clothes Prices

 Hoola vs High Street is one of my most   popular features over on Instagram it's   such a great way to highlight the         money savings that can be made by       choosing to buy preloved/ second hand   children's clothes. 
 I myself didn't start buying Preloved /   second hand because of the   sustainable  or environmental angle.
 I started because I have 4 kids and it's   expensive to buy 'new' clothes for them all when they are only worn for such a short time as they grow so fast!
So I'd say I'm accidentally eco and that's ok. My thinking has changed over time and I'm much more conscious of my new purchases for reasons of natural resource savings, labour conditions etc but it wasn't like that from the start.
Progress over perfection, if you love a bargain and you'd like to be accidentally eco too, preloved / second hand    children's clothes are a great place to start. 
Lots of Love
Ali @ Hoola

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The Benefits of Shopping Online for Preloved Children's Clothes

BIG NEWS! We opened a Store!

BIG NEWS! We opened a Store!

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