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5 Tips for Shopping at a Preloved Children's Clothing Store

Whether you love a rummage for second-hand or you'd prefer the Personal Sopping experience  shopping Preloved can still be for you. Here are 5 essential tips to get you started:

1. In Kids' Preloved Stores items are usually arranged by size so you can find easily what you need.

2. Always check larger sizes for seasons ahead and the size down for larger made brands and styles.

3. Check out the seasonal displays for style tips and inspiration. We love to make Preloved look fabulous.

4. Don't forget about Shoes and Accessories there are great hardly worn bargains to be had here.

5. Just ask! If you don't see what you need, ask we know our stock inside out so will be able to guide you.

Happy Children's Preloved shopping everyone and hope to see you in the Hoola Kids Preloved Store soon!

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